Evaluating Different Types of Metal Roofing

Manufacturers of metal roofing have their own labels for their different products but they generally fall into just a few categories. MetalRoofingBase.com can help you wade through the proprietary naming conventions and help you decide what type will work best for your home or property. First of all, nearly all metal roofing is made from a galvanized steel that prevents corrosion and rust. Most manufacturers license the Galvalume product which is an alloy of aluminum and zinc. On top of this base sheet metal a wide variety of coatings are applied to add texture, color and additional protection from the elements. The most common coatings are ceramic and stone to get a great textures and colors in nearly any conceivable combination. The leading types of metal roof systems are:

Standing Seam Metal Roofs - Standing seam roofing systems are very popular because of their sleek design and very minimal visibility of fasteners and bolts. These are interlocking sheets of metal attached by their raised seams and can be used on both residential and commercial properties.

Fastened Metal Roof Panels - A fastened metal roof uses sheets of metal to piece together the roof. They are perfect for commercial applications where aesthetics are not quite as important, or where the roof is not in full view.

Commercial Metal Roof Panels - Commercial metal roof panels are often custom made to order for stadiums or large warehouse facilities. They do use exposed fasteners but still look great and are highly durable.

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